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CSF Foundation’s Worthy Mission

Our mission is to provide medical and surgical services to low-income and less fortunate individuals. We help them attain medical and surgical procedures at a low cost and in some cases at no cost. CSF Foundation providing help to individuals allow them to preserve and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that they may continue to be productive healthy members of our community and society.

What our Patients say

“I am 48 years of age and decided to get a pap test when the doctor told me I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit, I decided to get a second opinion from a specialist because when I walked I always felt immense pain. The second specialist confirmed that I had a cancerous tumor on the left side of my ovary, I also had high blood pressure. The sadness I felt was immense because without health insurance everything related to my illness is hard to take care of. Thank God, I found CSF Foundation because of their hard work I was able to get my surgical procedure done. I am free of cancer and never have felt better. I want to thank CSF Foundation, the surgeon, and his staff because of their efforts I am healthy and alive. ”

Elizabeth Bailon

“At age 47 I found myself dealing with anemia and hemorrhoids, the depression I fell into was product of all the dead ends and closed doors I received at hospitals and clinics due to the fact that I did not have a health care provider. I would end up at emergency rooms severely ill with no way to solve my problem I would leave the ER in disbelieve because they would tell me they couldn’t do much for me and to go home because I didn’t have the means they required. I asked myself “Am I just going to have to wait for death?” However, life works in mysterious ways because soon after I was told about Cirugia Sin Fronteras and it gave me a lot of hope. I applied and was accepted and also referred to CSF Foundation who helped pay the surgery cost, I almost yelled from happiness. Thanks to Cirugia Sin Fronteras, CSF Foundation, their surgeon and staff I was able to have a successful surgery and now I’m better and healthier than ever. I am alive today because of CSF Foundation! ”

Maria Pintado

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