Annarela Pollan - Senior Medical Counselor

Our Senior Medical Counselor has a unique understanding about CSF Foundations commencement and the services it offers including knowledge about medicine. She assists patients before, during, and after a surgery. Her purpose within the foundation is to be a counselor to patients on the application process, medical diagnosis, and the development of better health during and after surgery.

Tomy Salinas - Medical Counselor

Our Medical Counselor assists patients before, during, and after a surgery. Our counselor’s duty is to provide knowledge about a surgical diagnosis and the process in which the patient will partake in to have a successful surgery.

Smirna Calderon - Administrative Assistant

The duties our administrative assistant revolve around managing and distributing information within CSF Foundation’s headquarters and providing assistance in day to day functions.

Amado Verastegui - Event/Marketing Coordinator

 Our Event/Marketing Coordinator responsibilities are part of the success that CSF Foundation experiences during the year. Executing events and assuring their success is his duty including marketing. Marketing and Public Relations plays a major role at CSF Foundation being able to create relationships with the media, community, businesses, and donors are responsibilities this position requires.

Alfonso Garcia - Statistics/Grant Coordinator

The responsibilities of our Statistics/Grant Coordinator is to record all logs and statistics involving patients, calls, visits and media results for our records. Also, his responsibility is to search and apply for grants that are compatible with our mission to ensure and have a better chance of success. In addition, this position also involves creating partnerships with hospitals, surgeons, and laboratories in order to improve our growth and impact so we may better serve our communities.

Monica Mayorga - Supervisor

Our supervisors role is to determine the everyday functions of CSF Foundations headquarters and keeping in detail all company, Human Resources and employee regulations and ethics in place.

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