Karla Terrazas

Overseeing the development of Surgery Without Medical Insurance Karla Terrazas concentrates in digital strategy and communications. Her education has allowed to her adopt skills that have propelled her to act and represent CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation as Founder and President. Being a prior Marketing and Advertisement specialist for Revlon in central South America she decided to use and her knowledge in helping others. Her skills and comprehension have allowed her to successfully grow CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation to an organization that has reached individuals who need life changing surgeries.

Fernando Mata
Vice President

Fernando Mata, P.A. is a valuable and well accomplished member of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation. His education and experience is extensive and is worth 36 years of dedication and expertise. He attended the University of Southern California School of Medicine where he enrolled in the Primary Care Physician Assistant Program and continued his education at the National Autonomous University of Mexico School of Medicine, in addition, he extended his educational resume by attending the Central Union Institute Preparatory School in Mexico City, Mexico. He currently is Vice President of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation and also focuses in offering his services as a provider of primary care for adults and pediatric patients in the rural town Lamont, Ca. His extensive resume and accomplishments are what make Fernando Mata, P.A. a valuable member to CSF Foundation and our community, including a valuable asset for our patients.

Mariela Kinn Terrazas


Mariela Kinn Terrazas became part of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation as a volunteer before earning her current title as Treasurer. She graduated Bakersfield College with an Associates in Business Administration with a GPA that was an example of her work ethic and passion for learning. She transferred to California State University of Long Beach in order to further pursue proper training and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and Finance. Mariela Kinn Terrazas as acting treasurer has had a positive and lasting impact in the way we handle funds and making sure they are handled with the greatest care and consideration. She currently also serves as a Finance and Accounting representative at the well-respected Futuredontics Marketer as well, located in Long Beach, CA. Miss. Kin Terrazas has an extensive, regimented, and responsible background making her versatile and committed. She holds the Golden Key International Honor Society recognitions as a Member. In addition, she also is a Member of the well sought Financial Management Association (FMA) Miss Kin Terrazas has earned through her extensive education, her strong will, and responsibility her own place at CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation making her a valuable asset to this foundation.

Jorge A. Enriquez


Jorge A. Enríquez, MD. born in 1958, in the Federal District, Mexico. From 1982 to 1987 he studied medicine at the Autonomous University of Baja California, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine. He relocated to the United States where he revalidates his studies and specialized in General & Laparoscopic Surgery and Vascular Surgery at both University of Illinois in Chicago and University of California in San Diego. From the year 1994 to the present he’s established his private practice providing services in General Surgery and continues to be an active and privileged member of several reputable hospitals in the city of Bakersfield, CA. Dr. Enriquez became concerned about the situation of many uninsured people in the United States motiving him to be the founder of Surgery Without Medical Insurance organization, an organization that attracts the participation of hospitals, specialists, and laboratories. Surgery Without Medical Insurance has been able to offer their services to well over 4,000 individuals from across the country thanks to the commitment Dr. Enriquez has shown. His efforts and education are what allow Dr. Enriquez to provide not only services to people but also a reputable organization focused in making our community healthy and prosperous. His efforts through Surgery Without Medical Insurance influenced the establishment of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation.

Patricia Lico

Patricia Lico has served as Secretary of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation’s Board for the last 3 months. She is from Argentina and proud of her roots, there it was when she decided to study to be an X-ray technician at the prestigious Red Cross International School in Buenos Aires until she completed her degree. After graduating and completing her course as an X-ray technician at The Red Cross International School she furthered her education at The UBA Medical School where she completed 3 years of medical school but she then decided to marry and relocate to California where she took on a Human Resource job as Supervisor but after 5 years she decided to start a family and concentrate on her personal life and goals. She says the following “I work at CSF Foundation because I love to help people no matter what paths in life they have walked, I feel like my calling is to help. Being part of the ministry has always been good for me and that is why being part of CSF Foundation makes me proud because I may know about medicine but I also know about helping.”

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