CSF “Saving Lives Gatsby Gala” at the Seven Oaks Country Club November 17th, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. This gala is a one-night event in which we will celebrate the accomplishments of CSF Foundation, our partners, donors, and surgeons. It is a Gatsby themed event where luxury and comfort will be presented at its finest, all while keeping the goal of raising funds for people who need medical services including life changing surgeries. We all play an important role in obtaining surgeries for our patients and for that reason we want to recognize our partners and donors including the patients we have been able to help not only in Kern County but across California and Nevada. Keeping our patients healthy, productive, and prosperous is a great mission and we hope this Gala only motivates and influences us all to continue our efforts. We are tremendously grateful and honored to have partnered with Dignity Health Memorial Hospital in order to have a successful and impactful night. The support and partnership Dignity Health has offered CSF Foundation is a commendable act of kindness and it definitely contributes to keeping our communities healthy. CSF Saving Lives serves two purposes one to thank the people and institutions who are the reason why we are able to help individuals in desperate need and two of course to continue to be able to provide life changing surgeries. We hope this gala encourages people to be part of CSF Foundation and to be part of a mission that is to save lives.

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