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CSF Medical Non-Profit was created in 2015 by Karla Terrazas with the purpose to help uninsured and low-income people that do not have access to health care services because of lack in resources. In addition, CSF Foundation follows a strict procedure to approve its patients including exhausting all health care providers and making sure the patient is or isn’t eligible for health insurance. Once it is determined that in fact the patient is not eligible for health insurance, meets the low-income standards, and/or proves they cannot afford health insurance then the patients application is processed and presented to the CSF Foundation Board. CSF Medical Nonprofit Foundation takes pride in welcoming and encouraging people from all walks of life to live a healthy and positive life and if CSF Foundation is able to help someone, the help will be provided regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender.

CSF Foundation covers total or partial cost of a surgery that the patient needs in order to continue to be a productive citizen in our community. During the commencement of CSF Foundation, we were only able to assist and help individuals who reside in the Kern County area but our growth has been impressive and a joyous story to tell. However, with that kind of growth comes responsibility and demands that CSF Foundation can only meet with the help of donors, sponsorships, and team work; because of the hard work and dedication CSF Foundation has put forth we now count on reputable hospitals, laboratories, imaging facilities, and over 25 certified surgeons to accomplish life changing surgeries in the city of Bakersfield, Ca. CSF Foundation is now able to serve communities that extend from California to Nevada making us stronger and available to a larger population who is in need.

The mission of helping low-income and uninsured individuals is the driving force for all members and employees at CSF Foundation. The intention is to keep our workers active, productive, and preventing them from being a burden to our community and in return preserving their family economy as well as helping hospitals avoid collection agencies and limiting the amount of debt owed to their facility. Karla Terrazas with the support of General Surgeon Dr. Jorge A. Enriquez has been able to bring her dream alive in being able to advocate and assist patients who are need and don’t have many options. CSF Foundation’s mission is of strength, determination, and success and we hope to encourage and pursued all those who are able to help better our communities to do so with a foundation like CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation.

CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, it is an organization that is organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings inures any private shareholder or individual.

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