Meet our Sponsors

Like any other organization that relies on the community so does CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation. As we grow our partnerships and sponsor list does too. We are happy and grateful for the support our sponsors have offered thanks to their donations CSF Foundation is able to continue its mission in helping those in need. Being a business and having to choose organizations that you believe your money should be invested in is quite a task and we take every sponsor into careful consideration and make sure their money and time is used to its greatest potential. We appreciate these entities because they have invested into our mission and believe that our objective in helping those with life changing surgeries is a worthy and notable cause. Thank you!

CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation encourages and hopes for individuals and companies to join our efforts in helping those in need. We are always open and seeking to having sponsors donate funds for our objective in providing surgeries to those who are in desperate need. When we say CSF “Saves lives” we mean it and take it serious but we can’t save lives without you! Your support and sponsorship will have an impact on an individual and their families. Helping “Save lives” is something we take serious and that is why your sponsorship will be handled with the greatest care and appreciation. 90% of ALL FUNDS are used and invested into the services we offer to our patients. Please be part of our mission in Saving Lives don’t hesitate to call or email to ask questions in regards to statistics and the process to become a sponsor.

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