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Founded in 2016, CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, provides aid to uninsured low-income individuals whom are in need of life changing medical surgical procedures. CSF’s mission is to improve the health of the medically disenfranchised by coordinating and providing access to high quality specialty care, surgical service and health awareness, at reduced or no-cost, with the support of the medical community in Kern County.  We aspire to comfort families through their health crisis and provide peace of mind associated with the burdens of dealing with high cost of medical expenses. CSF has committed itself to improving the health and well-being of not only residence of Bakersfield but individuals across California and the US.


  • My name is Carmen Murgia and I am 47 years old, I had gone to my doctor because I had periods that lasted up to 3 months with bleeding. I felt very weak and I was anemic. My doctor did an ultrasound and found that I had several cysts in the ovaries and my womb was very large, we did not have time to find out if the tumors were benign or malignant, the doctor told me that I urgently needed surgery and that was when I called CSF Foundation. The process was very fast since the doctor told me I needed surgery, I was very scared but I had the support of my family at all times and that of CSF. When I called them I felt very confident, from the first call until I made my appointment they treated me very well! I had found out elsewhere and the price of my surgery was $ 40,000 !! If I had not contacted CSF, I do not know what I would have done. My gynecologist, Dr. Sharma, always made me feel very calm and with the assurance that everything was going to be all right, he and his team were very kind. They operated on me in the Memorial Hospital and there they treated me very well !!! I highly recommend CSF, I can not believe that I am already well and that I am recovering from anemia. I feel very good! Thanks CSF Foundation for existing, they helped me to know that they have helped a lot of people and that it would be of us if this foundation did not exist.
  • I had many bleeds, very strong pains in the abdomen, swelling, to the point of not being able to wear pants stuck by the burning I felt, apart from having a hernia so I needed two surgeries. Emotionally and emotionally I felt devastated, you can not lead a normal life. The last two years I was frustrated and depressed, I felt that everything was against me and nothing worked for me. They educated me to get ahead and work but with this problem I could not, I was weak and anemic. I cleaned houses my work was heavy and I could not continue, so apart from everything I affect my economy, now I had to duck my head and ask for help was very hard !. Then I thought I needed to operate to continue my life! ... I listened to CSF ​​and I called them I got the appointment and the cost of the surgery, I started doing Cheescakes, to sell door to door, on Facebook, they all said they were rich !, and I worked! ... I gathered for my surgery about 2000 U $ D. I also made centerpieces, invitations, etc., I opened a page of donations. Then the Foundation of Surgery Without Borders I completed the money that was missing !. Doctors of Surgery Without Borders are very different, they are people who look at you, they make you feel loved without being anything of them. Thanks CSF! Now I am ready to continue.
  • I always knew, that CSF, was the best option! My name is Zulma Quintero, I am 31 years old, I live in Lodi, Ca. I know about the program through a friend, when I call CSF I felt confident because they give very good service, all the advisors who answer the phone are very kind. I had been having health problems with my womb, often I was having very heavy and painful periods and they were increasing every time, it was also accompanied by very strong pains in my head, back and legs, all of the above came to a point that when My period arrived, I could not stand up, I fainted from the pressure in my stomach and the pain in my legs. My primary doctor did not find anything abnormal, the Papanicolaou gave me negative, until I asked for a sonogram, and it was positive that I had too large a tumor in my womb, this was in December of last year, they did not give me a price of surgery, they told me to think about it if I wanted to have more children, they gave me a year to think about it and when I decided, I would call them to give me a surgery budget and send me a specialist. As time passed I felt worse, I did not look elsewhere, I always knew, that Surgery Without Borders was the best option. Dr. Sharma was the gynecologist who removed my tumor matrix, I operated in Bakersfield at Memorial Hospital, all his staff treated me very well. I loved being a patient of Dr. Sharma, he was very kind, a doctor with a lot of experience. I want to thank him and his entire team are very friendly and professional. I recommend to women that when they feel that something is not right in their body, that they seek help, that health comes first, that Surgery Without Borders is a very economical and safe option. I recommend 100%.
  • I started in May of last year with nausea, dizziness, sleepiness and I did not know why. Later they said because I had anemia because of the blood I was losing and the bleeding was due to tumors and cysts that I have in the womb and in the ovaries. I had to come from work because it filled me with blood, so I decided to stop working. Afterwards, I was very pleased when they told me that the CSF Foundation was going to support me to pay part of my surgery. I thought they were not going to help me because of the crisis, but they helped me and it made me very happy. Now that I have had my surgery, my pain is gone and thanks to God I am already recovering and even the anemia is gone. I'm going to be healthy I thank Dr. Sharma and everyone at Surgery Without Borders and its foundation, they all behaved excellently to me. I advise all those people who are not afraid to ask for help, you can also help them as they helped me.
  • I had a little ball on my shoulder and I had a lot of blood because years ago I had a catheter that did not heal and that's why I bled. The doctor told me then, that he was undergoing surgery to remove that strange object and make sure it was not bad. I heard from CSF on television. And I went there to present my case and they told me that they would call me in a week, a week they talked to me to tell me that the foundation had approved my case and that they were going to cover all the expenses of the surgery. I was not going to have to pay anything! Dr. Enríquez saw me the first time and I felt very comfortable. I really do not have words to thank the CSF Foundation for their help. They are very attentive they always talked to me to see how I felt before and after my surgery. I invite you to help and support the foundation so that they continue to help people like me. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Thanks also to Dr. Jorge Enríquez, his personality is incredible, he was always very kind to me. It shows that he does it to help people and not for money like other doctors.
  • I am Blanca Murillo ... they made the dream of my surgery come true !. I felt excitement that at last the pains were going away, I heard about the CSF Foundation on the radio, when I called and they told me that the cost would be reduced, I was excited and I felt very excited, then they told me that the foundation could help me I paid part or the total and I felt very excited. I had a very large hernia, many years ago I started with the pain but in the last 3 years the pain increased a lot, I was in emergencies but, they only got me into what the pain was, and that was it. Dr. Jorge Enríquez was the one who operated on me, he treated me very well and the surgery was a success. My surgery was performed in the surgical center of San Joaquin Hospital and the treatment and care was excellent. Many thanks to CSF Medical Foundation that helped me with part of the money that I was missing, they made my dream come true, they operated on me and they took away my pain. Blanca Murillo
  • I work in the field, we trill the grapes, we pick them all the season. One day my period approached for a whole month, it came and went. I worried and went to see the doctor, she sent me for exams, ultrasound, biopsy and she told me that it was a tumor in the womb that had to be burned. He told me, think about it! When I returned another doctor told me it was too big that I had surgery to remove the matrix and since I do not have health insurance I started looking for help. My problem is fibromyalgia and they are constant pain and disorders, even having relationships with my husband is uncomfortable, it hurts me a lot and that is difficult for me. I tell my husband that I can not and I do not want to make him feel bad and he tries to understand me but it gives me feeling. A co-worker told me about CSF, after they told me that the CSF Foundation encouraged me to help pay part of the cost of my surgery and I was very happy because it is a hope to get out of the serious problem that I have. Now I am ready for my surgery. I surrender myself to God's hands and forward. After surgery ... I really do not have words I feel as if you belong to my family. The doctor told me that everything is fine and that I will slowly recover. Thank God if I feel very well. Many thanks to CSF ​​Foundation, to the doctors to all the staff. Now if I feel excellent
  • Carmen Mungia
  • Rosa Manriquez
  • Zulma Quintero
  • Teresa Vega
  • Carlos Villa
  • Blanco Murillo
  • Rosa M. Castillo

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By utilizing all the resources and existing networks from our founding institution, CSF Surgery, and other organizations that collaborate with us, we build partnerships with sponsors and volunteers throughout our community.

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