About Us

Our Non-Profit Organization

CSF Medical Non Profit Foundation is a non-profit organization exempt from taxes of the internal revenue code under the code 501 (c)(3).

Our team wishes to help low income families in need to receive life changing surgery and medical procedures that would be otherwise out of their reach due to a lack of medical insurance or funding. Built upon the backs of highly diligent and honest surgeons we offer life saving surgical procedures.

Our Vision

To help individuals who do not qualify or cannot afford health insurance, receive the medical and surgical services they need. Since starting in 2016, our nonprofit has connected 36 clients to local health care professionals and provided partial or full funding of their medical and surgical services.



Founded in 2015, CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit
organization, provides aid to uninsured low-income individuals whom are in need of life changing medical surgical procedures. CSF’s mission is to improve the health of the medically disenfranchised by coordinating and providing access to high quality specialty care, surgical service and health awareness, at reduced or no-cost, with the support of the medical community in Kern County. We aspire to comfort families through their health crisis and provide peace of mind associated with the burdens of dealing with high cost of medical expenses. CSF has committed itself to improving the health and well-being of not only residence of Bakersfield but individuals across California and the US.

About Us

Established out of the visible needs in the Bakersfield community, the director of CSF Surgery and founder CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, Karla Terrazas, eager to make medical procedures accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of their background, social or legal status started CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation. Karla sought out to build a network of
medical providers that subscribed to supporting efforts to reduce medical rates to a marginal cost.

Our partner network of hospitals and surgery centers include; Dignity Health, Mercy and Memorial Hospital, Adventist Health of Bakersfield, Delano Regional Medical Center, Bakersfield Heart Hospital and Bakersfield Specialist Surgical Center.

Since its inception, CSF has arranged more than 33 donated or low-cost surgeries, deterring an estimated 82% in medical charges for uninsured patients; and expanded its network of specialty medical provider to include surgical procedures in the area of: General Surgery, Gynecology,
Urology, Gastroenterologist, Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopedics, Podiatry,
Hematology/Oncology, Otolaryngology, and Ophthalmology.

Services Offered

Services offered through
CSF Medial Non-Profit foundation include:
♦ Reduced or no-cost assistance for required medical surgical procedures
♦ Reduced or no-cost access to Specialty Care Services
♦ Patient Advocacy Services
♦ Preventative Reproductive Health Education Awareness to adolescents
and young adults
♦ Gynecological Health Awareness and Screenings
♦ Male Wellness Supportive Services
♦ Health and Wellness Prevention
♦ Senior Health and Wellness Prevention
♦Annual Community Health Fair
♦ Community Health Resources and Referrals

Our Goals

Increase access to reduced cost or no-cost required medical surgeries to
individuals who are uninsured, medically disenfranchised and/or low income.

Increase access to reduced or low-cost specialty health services to
individuals who are uninsured, medically disenfranchised and/or low income.

Expand a network of collaborative partners across the US, consisting of
medical professionals, organizations, providers and specialist.

Increase community awareness on health and wellness prevention to under-served, low-income families.

Reduce the incident of gynecological disease to under-served, low-income women.

We promised to take care… and delivered

Some of our stories..

  • I had a large hernia for 3 years and the pain was unbearable. I would often find myself at emergency rooms but always would be sent home after the pain was dealt with which was always a burden on them and myself. I heard of CSF Foundation through a radio advertisement and decided to call for myself, when I was given a quote on the surgery I was still stressed because even though the price was a big difference I still could not afford it. Thanks to CSF Foundation because they chose to help me financially because my funds did not match the price. Dr. Jorge A. Enriquez treated me with great respect and handled my surgery with care resulting with a successful surgery. The hospital was also very accommodating and attentive to all my needs which I am very appreciative for I will always be thankful for them, my surgeon, and CSF Foundation. Now I am able to get myself back to work and provide for myself and family, thank you!
    Blanca Murillo
  • The bleeding was incontrollable, the pain was strong and violent, I was swollen to the point where I could not use pants. In addition to all this I had a hernia meaning I needed two surgeries which made me feel defeated and useless. I became depressed and felt angry and thought everything was against me, I tried going back to work but I became anemic. My already difficult situation tuned into a worst one. For a living, I cleaned homes but had to give it up due to the pain and constant torment, I suffered physically, emotionally, and financially. I told myself that I needed to turn my situation around and found CSF Foundation I made the money to have them process my medical case. Thanks to them I found strength and decided to raise money by selling cheesecakes and after all the hard work I raised 2,000 dollars for my surgery and CSF Foundation paid the rest. CSF Foundation and the doctors they work with treated me with the upmost respect and made feel loved and cared for something I found puzzling because I am nothing to them. For that I will forever be thankful!
    Rosa Manriquez
  • A few years back I underwent a catheter procedure in order to drain fluid from my shoulder and in the process I developed a mass that constantly bled. A doctor then told me that I needed surgery to have the mass removed to make sure that that it would not have a serious affect on me. I heard about Cirugia Sin Fronteras who helps people attain surgery at a low cost but I still could not afford it. I applied to CSF Foundation with the refference of Cirugia Sin Fronteras and was approved to have the total cost of my surgery paid for. Dr. Jorger A. Enriquez made me feel comfortable and welcomed, he made sure I was taken care of and it made the whole experience much better. I don’t have words to express the gratitude I have for Cirugia Sin Fronteras and CSF Foundation, I want to say thank you because the care and attentiveness that they showed is incomparable. I ecourage anyone who needs help to not be afraid to ask for it and also those who can help CSF Foundation so they may continue to help people who are need. Dr. Jorge A. Enriquez has a way about making a patient feel safe and secured, his personality is one of a kind and its obviouse he, the organization, and foundation do this job to help people and not for the money.
    Carlos Villa, 31
  • In the month of May I started to experience dizzy spells, nausea, and exhaustion I wasn’t sure why but after scheduling an appointment I was told I was anemic. The anemia was caused by tumors and a cyst in my ovaries and womb making it difficult to stay employed because of the constant bleeding and later I had to completely stop working. When I was told about CSF Foundation I once again has hope and after applying and being accepted I was once again happy. Thank you, Dr. Sharm his team, and CSF Foundation I am now healthy free of tumors and anemia. Now I can be healthy and work again, anyone who needs help and if CSF Foundation can help I assure you the experience is nothing but great and they truly do wonderful work. I advise those in need to contact CSF Foundation and apply so they too can be helped the way I was.
    Teresa Vega
  • My name is Zulma Quintero, I am 31 years old and reside in live in Lodi, Ca. I learned about Surgery Without Medical Surgery through a friend, when I called Surgery Without Medical Insurance I felt confident because of the good service they offer, all the advisors who answer the phones were attentive and caring. I had been having health problems affecting my womb, I frequently was having periods that were aggressive and with increasing pain. I also started to feel excruciating head, back, and leg pain. I even started to faint from the pressure in my stomach and the pain in my legs. My doctor did not find anything abnormal, the Pap Test showed everything to be fine until I asked for a sonogram and sure enough it was positive that I had a large tumor in my womb. I was not given a price for surgery but was advised to have surgery if I wanted to have children. As time passed I felt worse, I did not look elsewhere, I always knew, Surgery Without Medical Insurance was the best option. Dr. Sharma was the gynecologist who removed my tumor at The Bakersfield Memorial Hospital and I must say all his staff treated me very well. I loved being Dr. Sharma’s patient he was very kind and obviously an experienced doctor. I want to thank him and his team but also Bakersfield Memorial Hospital for allowing Surgery Without Medical Insurance to help people in need like myself, it speaks volumes about them and the help they offer to our community is one of a kind. I recommend Surgery Without Medical Insurance to people who are in need of medical attention because they really are a great team and also the best economical solution for people without insurance or who are low-income.
    Zulma Quintero
  • I am Blanca Murillo ... they made the dream of my surgery come true !. I felt excitement that at last the pains were going away, I heard about the CSF Foundation on the radio, when I called and they told me that the cost would be reduced, I was excited and I felt very excited, then they told me that the foundation could help me I paid part or the total and I felt very excited. I had a very large hernia, many years ago I started with the pain but in the last 3 years the pain increased a lot, I was in emergencies but, they only got me into what the pain was, and that was it. Dr. Jorge Enríquez was the one who operated on me, he treated me very well and the surgery was a success. My surgery was performed in the surgical center of San Joaquin Hospital and the treatment and care was excellent. Many thanks to CSF Medical Foundation that helped me with part of the money that I was missing, they made my dream come true, they operated on me and they took away my pain. -Blanca Murillo
    Blanca Murillo