Upcoming events

CSF Health Fair 2019

The only health fair with surgeon specialists on site!

“Saving Lives” Oscars Gala

A Night To Help Low-Income And Underserved Indivduals Who Desperately Need Surgery

Our Annual Events

Caminata “Salvando Vidas”

Join Santiago Nieto on this amazing journey.

Wine Tasting And Chocolate

Join us to share the pleasures of wine & chocolate. “A toast of love to save lives” An evening gathering to show love and empathy for the less fortunate and low-income individuals in need of surgery while we enjoy and share the pleasure of wine and chocolate.  

2018 Tango Gala

Once again, CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation is gearing up for our spectacular gala in which we come together with our partners and donors to celebrate life, unity, and hope!  

Health Fair 2018

For the first time CSF Foundation we started to realize while informative health fairs are necessary and important, we as CSF, with the network we have could create a health fair that will not only provide information but also results! 

Viva La Vida

Hundreds of people were gathered to attend a motivational seminar were Dr. Eduardo Lopez Navarro donated all the allocated funds to CSF Medical Non Profit Foundation. We want to thank Dr. Lopez Navarro for helping support our mission in Saving Lives

Cup Cake Drive 2018

Come out and buy cupcakes, all proceeds go towards helping those in need of surgery!

CSF “Saving Lives” Gala 2017

CSF Medical accomplished to raise more than $49,000.00 dollars at our CSF “Saving Lives” Gala 2017. YES! More than $49,000.00 dollars and all thanks to the CSF team, partners, sponsors and our supporters.