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We must all share the same feeling of responsibility when it comes to uplifting our communities.

CSF Foundation needs donors like you in order to keep people healthy and independent.

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  • By joining CSF Foundation and becoming a sponsor, you have the opportunity to exhibit your services and team. You will be able to network and interact with the elite of Kern Counties medical industry. Creating potential business relationships and or customers.
  • A good reputation and a humble perspective go a long way! Your company will be a good “Corporate Citizen” and earn respect from fellow businesses and community members. Being considered a giving and compassionate business is good your corporation and good for the community, it is fundamental service companies should partake in.
  • It is a lifestyle, educational and most of all FUN! We care to have donation but we also care to have you at our events to help us help others. Coming together and showing unity but also feeling is something we at CSF Foundation truly care about and hope that any sponsor or donor cares to be part of us as much as we want you to be part of our mission and accomplishments.

Help Make This Event Happen!

Learn more about our upcoming 2019 Health Fair!

Help Make This Event Happen!

Learn more about our upcoming 2018 “Saving Lives” Oscars Gala!

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