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Promo/Social Media Captain

Security Captain

Sponsors Captain

Booth Volunteer

Promo/Social Volunteer

Security Volunteer

Sponsors Volunteer

"Saving Lives" Oscar Gala

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Live/Silent Auction Captain


Registration Volunteer

Photobooth Volunteer

Wine Game Volunteer

Live/Silent Auction Volunteer

Application Information

Get to know our structure:


Captains: The captains are the individuals who will be in charge of a group of volunteers. They will be the designated person to make sure that all tasks and duties are completed.

The captain must have the following characteristics:


  • Be a LEADER
  • Be an inspiration to others
  • Be able to sympathize with others
  • Be organized and responsible
  • Have the capacity to solve challenges
  • Be open minded
  • Be a team Player
  • Have PASSION



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Would you like to change the world?

Be part of our commitment in improving our world.

By volunteering you can become an advocate and champion in order to help bring change for the better a reality!

  • Educate yourself on our mission and spread the word
  • Be a champion of CSF Foundation. Inspire, motivate, and best of all “Share the Hope”
  • Be our voice within the community
  • Donate to CSF Foundation


As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to experience a deep and personal connection with your chartable actions. The following are just a few of many reasons as to why one should be volunteer:

  • It will allow you to develop a bond with your community. It will help you understand individuals who may be less fortunate than you.
  • When you become a volunteer, you will realize that you are useful and can use your actions and hard work to not only uplift yourself but others.
  • As a volunteer you will be able to provide your knowledge to others.
  • You will learn how to understand and accept others.
  • It will give you a new perspective about life, your family, and what truly is important

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